Mineral and organic matrices for concrete


The first universal geo-mortar for monolithic repair of concrete, certified for low-thickness structural strengthening.

GeoLite® provides perfect embedding and total oxidation-protection of the rebars thanks to the exclusive rheology and extra-fine grain size, doing away with the need for the protective polymer-cement coatings currently used.

The natural dimensional stability and high mechanical performance mean it is possible to reconstruct and repair the monolithic nature of the original structure.

Thanks to its workability and ease of use, GeoLite® can be used to create monolithic reinforcements, encasing and protecting the GeoSteel steel fibres. The perfect combination of fibre and matrix results in an innovative, low-thickness reinforcement system
The great challenge won by Kerakoll’s engineers with GeoLite® was to create a product that gives high performance in terms of repair and strengthening of existing reinforced concrete, protects the GeoSteel reinforcing elements and steel fibres and provides a higher level of aesthetic appearance than normal mortars.

Mineral matrices for masonry


The first high-performance (EN 998-2/M15, EN 1504-3/R1), breathable structural geo-mortar specific for structural strengthening of any type of masonry.

GeoCalce® F Antisismico, malta strutturale traspirante a grana fine, garantisce un perfetto accoppiamento con le reti della famiglia GeoSteel, creando un sistema monolitico che evita qualsiasi tipo di scorrimento tra matrice e fibra.
Thanks to the use of NHL lime and the geo-binder, the GeoCalce® range features a low elastic modulus that creates perfect balance and high compatibility between the mechanical strengths typical of masonry structures of all types.
GeoCalce® mortars are the first breathable lime-based structural mortars that ensure high permeability to vapour associated with extremely high efficiency in diluting indoor pollution, for better air quality.

HardwireTM technology steel sheets

GeoSteel: the innovative Kerakoll sheets in extra high strength galvanised pearlitic steel.

High strength steel is an evolution in pearlitic steel with a high carbon content with excellent mechanical properties.

The steel micro-threads are protected by hot galvanisation.

Hardwire™ Technology steel sheets are created from welding of the cords to a special fibreglass mesh that gives the GeoSteel sheet excellent dimensional stability and means it is practical to lay

The 3×2 cord consists of 3 straight filaments wrapped by 2 more filaments, with a high torsion angle, compliant with product standard ISO/DIS 17832.

Basalt and stainless steel fibre meshes

GeoSteel Grid: basalt and AISI 304 stainless steel fibre meshes..

The basalt fibres are obtained from molten volcanic rock, guaranteeing excellent mechanical and chemical/physical properties even in aggressive environmental conditions.

The AISI 304 stainless steel micro-threads, as well as increasing the mechanical characteristics of the mesh, are arranged in duplicate alongside the basalt filaments, in order to balance and perfectly stabilise the sheet in both directions.

The special alkali-resistant protective treatment using solvent-free, water-based resin, gives the basalt filaments additional protection, tested and verified by Kerakoll.

High-performance strengthening fibres

Fibres capable of creating a special three-dimensional strengthening texture:

Steel Fiber: high-performance steel micro-fibres obtained by cold drawing of high carbon content wire . Compliant with standard EN 14889-1 on steel fibres for structural use.

  • The particular relationship between length and diameter of Steel Fiber allows for excellent mixing capacity and excellent dispersion within the GeoLite Magma Xenon and GeoLite Magma matrices.
  • The consistency in the yarn production and Kerakoll strict quality control make our steel fibres extremely reliable and the composite system performances become consistent and safe over time.

TPI 3D technology textures: 12 mm-long microfilaments in alkali-resistant glass with high content of zirconia, designed to improve and strengthen the mineral matrix of Geocalce Tenace, thus guaranteeing excellent performance standards in terms of:

  • High elastic modulus for long-term effectiveness
  • A special three-dimensional strengthening texture that, unlike electro-welded meshes, does not rust or corrode and does not require minimal coverage
  • A safe, easy-to-manage fibre that does not protrude in a bothersome way through the finished surface

Kerakoll uses fibres that are produced according to an approved quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 requirements.
Moreover, the fibres performance has been subjected to an independent evaluation and approval in Germany; the fibres meet the safety standards of the European Directive.


Helifix® technology Steel Dryfix® helical bars

Helifix technology is the new frontier for binding of very thick renders, façade coatings and for the strengthening of historic and modern masonry.

  • Self-tapping bar, no need to be combined to resins or mortars for fastening
  • Adherence can be certified on site using the bar pull-out system
  • High quality and durability standards guaranteed by AISI 304/316 stainless steel and EN 845-1, 2008 CE marking

Connection systems - accessories

  • Effective mechanical connection to Steel DryFix® helical bars
  • Ideal for the anchoring of GeoSteel and GeoSteel Grid meshes to transversal thread connector systems
  • Guaranteed, easy-to-perform installation of the thread connector
  • It facilitates the injection of fluid mixtures for grouting