Courses, meetings and conventions

The training offered by Kerakoll hinges around conventions, which are a quality reference point for the planning professionals.

Through a staff of highly qualified engineers and architects and thanks to the co-operation with nationally and internationally recognised experts, Kerakoll organises conventions, meetings and study seminars with a high technical and scientific profile with various aims:

  • Promoting widespread discussions with Institutions, Professional Associations, State Bodies, Business Associations and the academic world on questions relating to Structural Strengthening planning for improved Seismic Safety of Buildings.
  • Supporting and developing the training and technical refreshing of planners and professionals in the sector.
  • Setting up a dialogue with the planning professionals to draw up state-of-the-art solutions in partnership.

Meetings and conventions are organised with the patronage and partnership of Professional Associations, Polytechnics, Universities, and prestigious bodies and institutions.


Advanced methods for planning, calculation and verification of structural strengthening using innovative technology.

Kerakoll GreenLab houses planners from all over Italy, offering training courses that give professional credits, supported by experienced speakers and professionals who are recognised at national and international level.